Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caden & Braken - Football 08'

Caden & Braken started flag football this fall in Smithfield. They have absolutely loved playing and learning the game. During one game Braken ran a 50 yard touchdown. He was so excited that he could hardly stand himself. He kept asking everyone on the sidelines, "Did you know that I made that touchdown?" (over and over again). Caden became an excellent safety and good reciever as well. By the last few games he was pulling off just about everyones flag. (If you had the football that is.) Cameron was so excited to see his boys play that he helped out with coaching every practice. He must feel like he is in his element coaching football, because he really got in to it! "Living the dream through his sons."


AMY said...

you are a natural blogger. your kids are stinking cute. we miss you guys!!

Matt, Emily & Dylan said...

Yay!!! Blogging is great! Your family pics are darling!