Friday, November 12, 2010

One year later and you get a new POST!

Ok I have to admit it has been a very long time.... But honestly 2010 has been a very rough, exciting, sad year.  The beginning of the year proved to be very hopeful for my father who was diagnosed with Leukemia.  He went into the hospital in February to start kemo treatments and on April 10, 2010 he passed away.  Sadly he never came out of that hospital, be he did in fact beat leukemia!  In January while preparing to get my Dad ready for kemo I found out we were expecting our 5th child - yea!!!!  During one of my many trips to Boise to spend time with my Dad I was rushed to the emergency room and was later told that I had a sub-corionic hemorrhage.  (That's where the placenta detaches from the uterus and bleeding occurs.)  Apparently (after I had our baby girl) my great friend and Doctor "Dr. Jake" told me that I had a 90% chance of loosing the baby while I was pregnant.  So little Malia born September 23, 2010 is truly a miracle!!  It has been interesting to see the circle of life in it's full glory -  life and death in one year.   The greatest experience through all of this is what my Father taught me in that hospital room.  I have never met someone where complaining was not allowed.  He never once complained.  He also taught me that patience, hope and faith are all linked together.  I actually never knew he had any of these attributes, but he most certainly did!  Most of all he taught me, that no matter what, love is forever and that he loved me with his whole being.  So after the funeral we headed home and after about one hour of being home we got a call saying Cameron's parents were on an emergency flight home from their mission and that his Mother needed eye surgery right away.  So the next morning we got back in the car and met his parents for a wonderful homecoming reunion at the new Murry hospital  ER in Utah.  So now I hope you can better understand why I have not been posting.  I am going to try and make up for lost time this winter and get this blog updated.  I really want to make a blog book for my children and will have to do some catch up if you know what I mean.  So until next time......

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See Sisters Run said...

it has been quite a year hasn't it!?! Congrats on making it through!!