Friday, September 25, 2009

Colorado Vacation!

Each year we travel to Colorado to spend some time in our family cabin. My great-grandfather built this beloved cabin the year my grandmother was born - 1924. It has since been somewhat updated. For example we now have a bathroom, more efficient heaters, even a fridge! Oh the life! Nonetheless, my children love spending time in Estes Park. And as Braken exclaims "It is my favorite place on earth Mom!" I've included a few pictures of our trip, however the legacy that my family has left to me and my children surpasses these pictures in meaning. I am so blessed to have been born into such a loving, caring family. Where family truly is the most important thing in the world! If you haven't begun to leave your mark for your family to feel, start now!
-Here are pictures of the Denver zoo, children playing, time with mom, Cameron working etc... all in beautiful Colorado!

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