Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Fun 2009

We have been very busy this summer. You name it we have done it. Where to start, where to start? We started off by dunking the children into swimming lessons the first part of June. It was a wet June to say the least. The boys have made such great improvements and can swim really well. Brenna took lessons for the first time and did a fantastic job, she was even swimming alone for short distances. Next, we celebrated Braken's birthday, & the 4th of July. Next we relaxed a bit over in Bear lake with our good friends the Curtis's at the family condo. Then we proceeded to Stanley, Idaho where we spent almost a week camping at Stanley Lake with my brother and his family. We came home then took off to Lagoon (amusement park) because you have to go at least once during the summer! Then I went to Boise to see my Dad for two days ( all by myself I might add). He has been undergoing "kemo" treatments and I just decided spur of the moment to go give him a little love! back in Preston we celebrated Rodeo weekend with cooking hamburgers for Kiwanis's club (that was a hoot!), throwing candy in the parade on the SkyTrac, and of course going to the carnival! Now do realize that in between all of this we have been at the lake to many times to count! We have absolutely loved having the boat and playing in the water. Come the end of August, right before school we are heading to Colorado. Well I should say Braken's favorite place on Earth! You know me go go go.......

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