Friday, May 1, 2009

35 Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Cameron! Yes Cam turned the big 35 this year. I told him that it was half way to 70. I don't think he appreciated that very much, but what can I say I am only a few years younger. The children and I celebrated with his favorite meal T-bone steaks, baked potato, salad with hard boiled eggs, and seasoned Italian Asparagus. It really was delicious! Next some good friends came over for cake and ice cream. Cameron had to have a specific cake form Sam's club, the kind with the Persian filling. I think and hope he had a nice time. Until next year HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!

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Jamie said...

Wowzer! Who is that hot soloist? Can I get his number? And don't worry, I won't encourage him to give up his day job. :)