Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our clan to yours. We spent our time dying eggs (I do not love doing that), hunting and more hunting at Grandma B's house. During church someone asked how the Easter Bunny got rolled up into Easter. I thought about that and am not sure if I have the answer or not, but I think is must be a shopping promotion at one time or another. Also, remember those commercials for Cadburry Eggs and the different animals they used to represent the bunny? chicken, turtle, rodent etc... and it ended up on a large rabbit popping out an egg. What was that? My friend Jamie (professional rabbit caregiver) says that rabbits have live births every 6 weeks, no egg popping involved. I guess that means we should have an Easter Chicken instead, but who wants to snuggle up to an Easter Chicken?

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