Monday, March 9, 2009

St. George Weekend!

Yes we spent last weekend in St. George. Yes, I forgot to take my camera. However, I took photos on my phone. If anyone knows how to get those on here let me know! Why is it that I always have to pack, get the car ready ( clean it out, fill it up, get all the necessary treats and DVD's to watch), then leave and turn around to do the same thing in reverse order when I get home? This could possibly be one of the reasons why I dislike going places because it is so much WORK! Not that I am opposed to work, it is just that there are five other people in this family who could help! (Ever feel that way?) All right, I'm moving on. We had a very pleasant time in St. George. It was not very warm, maybe 60' but that is much warmer than here. It was however very sunny and that was GREAT!!!!! We went to Zion National Park and hiked around, had a picnic lunch and drove through the tunnel twice! I think Cameron like that even more than the kids. We did a lot of swimming in the pool and playing outside at the park, mini-golf or the old ghost town. We had a very nice time but now we are back to the HORRIBLE snow. Yes it is currently snowing! So if you are looking for some sun and can get there on less that a tank of gas ( that's even in our Yukon XL) then get off your bums and go to St. George!

Side note: Braken lost his other top front tooth on the trip. He said that now he looks like his friend Mckade who knocked both of his out. He looks to cute! Older brother Caden is not very happy though, because he still has both his front baby teeth!

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Matt, Emily & Dylan said...

do you have alltel phone? you can send your pictures to an online album then save them to your "my photos" on your computer and put them on your blog just like any other picture. good luck! I can't believe this stupid snow! UGH!! can we have some summer yet?