Monday, February 2, 2009

Caden's Big Day

Caden has been hounding me to get these on here so Grandma & Grandpa Whitehead ( in Guyana) could see him on his baptism day. He truly had a very wonderful day. Cameron was a little nervous because they only put about 2 feet of water in the font. He did not want to have to repeat the whole process if something did not go under! Blessed be the day however that it all went very well the first time. After the baptism, when Caden and Cameron went to change clothes, Karlie started screaming. Cameron thought it was because he left the room, WRONG! She had dropped her binky into the font. I had to crouch down and extend my arm as far as it would go under the glass barrier, luckily I was able to grab it. Once I grabbed it I turned around towards everyone in the room and announced that "this binky is now sin free!" They all chuckled! I've included a list of the people who so lovingly attended this special day for Caden. Me, Braken, Brenna, Karlie, Grandma B, Hunemiller family (Chris, Kirsten, Jaret), Candice, Bosworth family (Callie, Kit, Ryker, Lilly), Sorensen family (Jake, Tracy, Mikellie), Curtis family (Jacob, Jamie, Emily, Madison, Dannie, Tori), Wardell family (Shelly, McKade, Madison), Kline family (Aunt Sharon, Shiloaha, Sierra), Bishop Alder, & Teresa Atkinsen.

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